Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Badge, Stickers and Achievement Points 5

Things have been progressing nicely with our reboot of rewards and praise within the ICT/Computing department. The stickers are now in school and I’m super-pleased with them! Well done @SchoolStickers who have supplied a high quality product.

Everything is now in place to get this exciting initiative off the ground with Year 7 in September. When a coded sticker has been earned it will be placed into the student's planner, and a non-coded badge (a virtual duplicate of the sticker) will be placed into the student's Google Apps blog when their work is marked. The student uses the code on the sticker to log their achievement on the SchoolStickers website.

Achievement Points
Issued on a lesson-by-lesson basis

Home Learning Stickers
Issued half-termly upon successful completion of the homework task 

Google Apps Blogging Sticker
Gold, silver and bronze awarded according to the quality of eportfolio

All that remains now is to give this initiative a big launch. I'll report back in October or November to let you you how things have gone.

Badges, Stickers Part 4