Friday, 26 April 2013

Hex and RGB Colour Codes Poster

Here is the 3rd in a series of Computer Science posters. The aim is that over the coming weeks and months the collection will grow so that there is a poster to cover all elements of the OCR GCSE Computing syllabus.

If you end up using this poster in your school, I’d love to hear about it or see a photo.

Here are the existing posters mapped against the OCR syllabus:
2.1.4 Representation of Data in Computer Systems
c Convert denary into binary and visa versa #1 Binary
d Add two 8-bit integers and explain overflow errors which may occur #4 Adding Binary
e Convert hexadeciaml numbers in to denary numbers #2 Hexadecimall
#3 Hex Colour Codes
f Convert between binary and hexadecimal equivalents of the same number #5 HexBin Convert
g Explain the use of hexadecimal numbers #3 Hex Colour Codes